2018 Silver Tee Optional Games Volunteers
Month Name Phone E-mail 
Jan Mike Shapiro 972-423-0263 planomikeshapiro@gmail.com
Feb Larry Gore 972-814-8511 elgee972@gmail.com
Mar Larry Mellars 740-404-9820 lmellars@yahoo.com
Apr Brian McGuire  972-569-7328  brian.mcguire4256@gmail.com
May Bob Bradford 972-400-2279 bob@bobbradford.org
Jun Gary Going 972-964-6953 planogary@verizon.net
Jul Dick Milne 972-235-4103 rbmilne1@att.net
Aug Bruce Hill 972-896-0326 brucehill39@gmail.com
Sep Gary Hammer 214-244-8005 hamgary@gmail.com
Oct Gerald Gotcher 972-517-9099 grgotcher@yahoo.com
Nov Roger Froehlich 469-964-8665 froehlich@sbcglobal.net
Dec Berle Barnett 214-230-1015 btbarnett@att.net
Please be at the table and setup an hour prior to the scheduled tee time.
If you cannot be at a tournament when scheduled, please find a substitute
from the above list or contact Harry Walsh at 972-834-8681.