2021 PSMGA Tournament Instructions and COVID-19 restrictions

1) PSMGA members must sign up for the tournament via the link above. Pro shop cannot take signups You will use your GOLD TEE member number to register.  You will find that number using the "Handicaps" link on the left..New membesr use "Callaway" for your member number if you are not yet on the handicap list
2) If there is a member you want to ride with, one of you (ONLY 1) must sign up on the website and indicate you and that member are signing up and playing together on the registration form.  You'll need to coordinate with that PSMGA member and know their member number.  
3) If you want to ride as a group of 4, please call the pro shop and they will do their best to arrange. 
4) All carts will have 2 riders per cart.  If you did not indicate a preferred rider when you register, one will be assigned to your cart.  We will not be able to have single rider carts
5) The pro shop will do their best to ensure all groups have similar handicaps and pace of play capability.
6) We will continue to have the optional side games available.  You will need to sign in at the side games desk upstairs in the grille area.  MASKS MUST BE WORN WHEN INSIDE THE BUILDING.  PLEASE ALSO MAINTAIN 6' SEPARATION WITH THE MEMBER IN FRONT OF YOU AND DO NOT CROWD THE SIGN IN TABLE.
7) Tournament entry fee will be $5 and collected in CASH by the Pro Shop.  It is preferred to use your senior punch card for the round fee to reduce time spent in the pro shop.
8) Shotgun starts will make it difficult to keep proper social distances in effect with so many players congregating around the carts and clubhouse, we request you to PLEASE wear your mask until you've reached your assigned starting holes. 

1) REMINDER:  Tournaments are only open to members who have paid their 2021 dues.  Your email message will have indicated if your 2021 dues have been paid.  The Treasurer has deducted dues from your account if you had sufficient funds to cover the $5.  If not, please pay your dues in advance of the first tournament.
2) The tournament will be played using a modified Gold tee.  Tee off from the gold tee markers on all holes.
3) All putts must be holed out, no gimmees at any time.  All sand traps are in play and if there is no rake available then the player can smooth the area and place the ball.   If in a foot print the ball can be lifted and placed.
4) Max 3 over par rule remains in effect on all holes as does the one club length adjustment before the green.
5) The foursome group is responsible for maintaining and checking that correct scores are inserted and for tabulating the net scores to reduce the handling from the pros at the conclusion of the tournament.
6) All other rules for the tournament remain the same and are posted on our website.

1) Your scorecard must be turned in promptly at the conclusion of your round to the scoring table which will be in the grille area.  MASKS MUST BE WORN WHEN ENTERING THE GRILLE AREA TO DROP OFF YOUR SCORECARD.
2) We request members not hang around after the round, unless you are eating lunch.
3) All tournament winnings and CTP payouts on the tournament day will be deposited by the treasurer into the members' account, no cash CTP payouts will occur on tournament day.
4) Scores and payouts will be posted on the PSMGA website within 24 hours of the tournament conclusion.
5) We appreciate your support of the PSMGA and look forward to seeing you out there.