October 7, 2019 Revised

 (Summary of Revision: Changes Board membership and revises duties.)

Article 1: NAME
    The name of the organization will be:“PLANO SENIOR MEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION” 1

    PSMGA shall operate as a non-profit organization to provide senior gentlemen golfers the opportunity to meet, develop friendships, and enjoy golf.

    A. Membership shall consist of senior men fifty five (55) and older. PGA members will be allowed only if their PGA classification allows them to participate in amateur tournaments. If membership eligibility is in question the Executive Board will make the final membership decision.
    B. Annual membership dues of $20 will be due and payable before January 1st of each year. Each member's dues will be deducted from their member account, if available funds exist, unless member notifies Treasurer otherwise.  On January 1st, members in arrears for dues payment will be subject to removal from PSMGA membership. New member dues will also be $20 prior to Oct 1.  Members joining after then will have their $20 dues cover the last quarter and the following year. A prospective member may not participate in any PSMGA activity until his membership dues have been received by the PSMGA Treasurer.
    C. Only PSMGA tournament scores will be used to determine a member’s PSMGA handicap. New members will compete in the Callaway Flight until three (3) tournament scores are posted, which establishes the handicap. Callaway Flight members competing in the optional “Closest to the Pin" will sign up only on the 0-17 handicap sheet.
    D. Membership in the PSMGA is limited to 400 paid members. Once reached, qualified applicants will be put on a waiting list. Plano residents will have priority on the waiting list. Other applicants will be offered membership status on a first-in, first-out basis, as openings become available.

Article 4: OFFICERS
    The officers of PSMGA shall make up the Executive Board.
        President - Chief Executive Officer
        Vice President - Operations, Rules,
& Tournaments
        Secretary - Records, Newsletter & Meeting Monitor
        Treasurer - Chief Financial Officer
        Webmaster - Website & Technology Officer

Article 5: ELECTIONS
    A. The normal elected period of service for all officers is two (2) years, with a minimum of two officers being elected each year. If an officer is unable to complete his two years of service for any reason, the President will appoint a replacement officer to serve the remainder of the term.
B. The President will annually establish a Nominating Committee, consisting of a minimum of two members in good standing, to serve with one member from the Executive Board. This committee will recommend a slate of candidates to the Executive Board for approval. The election will be held in the Fall of each year at the annual business meeting. Nominations from the floor shall be invited.  The newly-elected officers will not assume their offices until January 1st, in order to provide an overlap with the incumbent officers. 

1 Herein referred to as “PSMGA”   

    A. President – Chief Executive Officer: The President will preside at all PSMGA meetings and Executive Board meetings. He will be the final authority on all activities of the PSMGA that have not been addressed by the Executive Board or membership. The President may sign PSMGA checks in the absence of the treasurer. The President will have access to bank records and receive a copy of the monthly bank statements.
    B. Vice-President – Operations, Rules, & Tournaments: He will assist the President as required and assume the responsibility of the office of President in case of absence, death, or resignation of the President. He will monitor the golf handicap program and will work closely with the Handicap Chairman/Head Golf Professional to see that this important activity is carried out accurately and promptly. He will be the contact person for answers to all questions on U.S.G.A. / PSMGA golf rules. He will be responsible for the planning of all golf tournaments. He and his committee will have oversight of tournament prizes, tournament format, tournament publicity, and prompt notification of tournament winners. He will be the primary contact with all golf courses for PSMGA. This includes planning and scheduling all PSMGA golfing activities for each year. He will present a proposed schedule of all tournaments and recommended prizes to the Executive Board for approval by December 1st and then provide the approved schedule to the membership by December 31st, posted on the PSMGA website.
    C. Secretary – Records, Newsletter, and Meeting Monitor: He will work closely with the Treasurer to assure that membership records are accurate. He will record the minutes of all membership meetings and Executive Board meetings and will update and publish approved changes to PSMGA By-Laws. He will publish newsletters and handle all mailings to the membership.
    D. Treasurer – Chief Financial Officer: The Treasurer will be responsible for collecting dues and maintaining the list of members in good standing. He will maintain the association’s checking account, pay all bills promptly and provide a copy of the PSMGA bank statement to the Executive Board each month. He will prepare an annual budget and financial reports for presentation to the membership at each general meeting. In coordination with the Vice President - Operations, Rules, & Tournaments, a committee will be formed to conduct the “Closest to the Pin” competition and to pay out all tournament prize money.
    E. Webmaster - Website & Technology Officer: He shall maintain the PSMGA website. Be responsible for recommending, maintaining, editing and staying current with software and licenses approved by the Executive Board. He will work with the Executive Board to post information on the Website important to the membership. He will assist the Secretary and Treasurer in posting tournament results on the PSMGA Website.

    The Executive Board has authority to appoint / approve all committees to carry out any and all activities of the PSMGA, as circumstances dictate.

    The By-Laws may be amended at any general membership meeting. Suggested amendments must be sent to the members (approximately) 30 days in advance of the general membership meeting. Amendments to the By-Laws must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the members attending the meeting.

    A minimum of one general membership meeting will be held in the Fall of each year.  Additional meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

2 Job descriptions may be changed by the Executive Committee as needed without requiring official By-Law changes. 

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