Silver Tee

Photos of 03/18/2019 Flight Winners, Closest to Pin (CTP) & Callaway Winners

Start of 2019 Match Play--today was the qualifying round.  Match winners today will be placed in a flight based upon handicap.

Today's winners will either be scheduled for a match next week on 3/25, or will have a bye.  If you get a bye, you can play in the regular individual tournament. The following week, 4/1, all remaining players will have a match scheduled.

Members playing a match on Mondays may compete in the CTP and HIO contests, but not the individual tournament.

If you and your opponent desire, you can schedule and play your match anytime before the required following Monday date, except during the Gold Tee tournaments. We don't want match play to impact the Gold Tee, because match players would be using the Silver Tees--not a desirable situation.