2019 Match Play Tournament Rules

1.     Match Play format begins on Monday, March 18, 2019. If a match is tied after 18 holes, the players continue to the next hole and continue playing hole-by-hole until one player wins a hole and the match.

2.     After the initial round, subsequent rounds will be automatically scheduled by the Pecan Hollow staff for the next Monday tournament. 

3.     Match Play competitors cannot participate in normal Monday’s competition. However, they may compete in the Closest-To-Pin and Hole-In-One contests.

4.     It is required that the next scheduled match be completed within one week. Participants may agree to play at an earlier date, as long as the match is completed by the next Monday tournament. Please let the Pro Shop know you are playing a match, so that they can help you extend a match, if needed.

5.     Any exceptions should be presented to the PSMGA committee for approval/rulings.

6.     If not completed by the following Monday, the PSMGA committee will have final determination on who continues based on whatever facts are available.


    Match Play is a hole-by-hole contest between two players, using full handicap, so each hole is won by the lower net score or halved (tied) if both net scores are the same. Therefore, a competitor may concede an opponent's putt on any hole and may also concede any hole to an opponent.  See the USGA website, Rule 3.2 for complete match play rules.

   All USGA, local, and PSMGA special rules apply, except there is no 3 over par maximum on any hole. So a 4 or 5 over par could win a hole--don't concede a hole too early! Competitors are expected to know the rules and protect their own rights and interests.  If you know or believe your opponent has breached a rule, you may act on the breach or choose to ignore it; the result of the hole will stand.

   Match Play competitors must use the Silver Tees throughout the competition.