2019 Silver Tee Optional Games Volunteer Assignments

Month Name Phone email 
January Mike Shapiro 972-423-0263 planomikeshapiro@gmail.com
February Larry Gore 972-618-6543 elgee972@gmail.com
March Brian McGuire 972-569-7328 brian.mcguire4256@gmail.com
April Gerald Gotcher 972-965-6962 grgotcher@yahoo.com
May Gary Hammer 214-244-8005 hamgary@gmail.com
June Robert Smith 972-998-2214 r.smith@grandecom.net
July Al Brazauskas 972-358-7551 ajcjbraz@verizon.net
August Harold Epps 214-732-6181 hfepps@verizon.net
September Gary Going 972-964-6953 planogary@verizon.net
October John Moore 214-232-0014 eyestx@gmail.com
November Mike Williams 214-797-4455 sfgiants6rf@hotmail.com
December Steve Golman 972-971-8876 golman915@gmail.com

Please be set up at the table one hour prior to the scheduled tee time.
If you cannot be at a tournament when scheduled, please find a substitute
from the above list or contact Bob Bradford at 972-400-2279