2019 PSMGA Handicaps

Silver Tee through Oct 28, 2019
Gold Tee through Oct 24, 2019
  • Pecan Hollow maintains PSMGA handicaps for both Silver Tees and Gold Tees.

  • Members have a unique member number for Silver Tees and/or Gold Tees. Silver Tee member numbers are your last name initial followed by a 2,3, or 4 digit number, for exmple, B123. That player's Gold Tee member number would simply add the letter "G", BG123.

  •  Player scores are entered as soon after each tournament as practicable and handicaps revised.

  • Scores from special formats such as shambles, etc., are not used for handicap computations.

  • Your current handicap is printed on the tournament scorecard prior to the round and also posted on the scoresheets posted in the Pecan Hollow Grille.

No outside handicaps are permitted when joining PSMGA.  All new members play 3 rounds in a Callaway flight, which allows your initial handicap calculation - see USGA Handicap Manual for details on how handicaps are established and maintained.

NOTE: If you participate in the Optional Games Closest-to-Pin (CTP) contest, it is your responsibility to know your handicap and to sign up in the appropriate group; 0-17 handicaps plus Callaway players or 18+ handicaps.  Any CTP claimed will be disqualified if you have signed up in the incorrect handicap group.