Tournament Cutoff to sign up*
Signup Mon, Aug 26, 7:30 -- Individual 1:00 PM, Sun, Aug 25
Signup Thu, Aug 22, 7:30 -- Individual 1:00 PM, Wed, Aug 21

We have had many new members join PSMGA in the past few months.  A couple of reminders for them and our infrequent players:

1. Member Numbers (required for web signup):  Click on "Handicaps" at left to go to the handicap reports for Gold Tee and Silver Tee.  The handicap reports have your member number, name, handicap index, handicap, and your most recent scores (up to 20).

2. Rules
: Golf is a game of rules and is self - governed. Our tournaments are played under USGA Rules, Local Rules, and PSMGA special rules, unique to the Pecan Hollow Golf Course.  Each group is responsible for ensuring rules compliance and resolving any rules disputes when they occur. Note any unresolved disputes and bring them to the clubhouse for reolution.  Please be familiar with the rules so that our tournaments are equitable for all.

3. Enjoy the Game


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