Next Tournaments: Monday, Dec 18 -- Individual  --  9:00 A.M.
  Thursday, Dec 21 -- Individual -- 9:00 A.M.
Start Time -- 8:00 A.M.
Call Pro Shop to Sign Up -- (972) 941-7600

Current Winners
Flt Silver Tee - Dec 11 - Individual Flt Gold Tee - Dec 14 - Individual
1 Gary Hammer (67) 1 Richard Gordon (63)
2 G. Going / M. Weekley / D. Milne / F. Chung  (68) 2 Roger Knowles (64)
3 Dave Scott / Ron Keay (66) 3 J.J. Berrier (65)
4 Bill Sullivan (66)    
5 Randy Eisenbach / Russ Wallace (65)    


From Gary Hammer, Treasurer

2018 Dues - PSMGA 2018 dues of $15 have been deducted from member accounts, if there were a sufficient balance to do so. All members who did not have enough funds to pay 2018 dues will need to give me a check for the member dues balance owed. The PSMGA newsletter will report your current balance and whether or not your 2018 dues have been paid. If you don't receive the PSMGA newsletter, please contact Gary Hammer or Harry Walsh to determine if you have a balance due on your 2018 dues. All dues need to be paid no later than December 31, 2017 in order to participate in 2018 tournaments.
REMINDER:  The final PSMGA silver tee tournament is next Monday, Dec 18. The course is closed on Christmas and there will be no PSMGA tournament on Monday, Jan 1, 2018.
Weather permitting, there will be 3 more Thursday gold tee tournaments on Dec 14, 21, and 28.


Quick Links
Silver Tee Results-December 11  Gold Tee Results-December 14
2016 PSMGA Financial Statement Pecan Hollow Website


About Us

Formed in 1989 as a not for profit organization, Plano Senior Men’s Golf Association is open to amateur senior men (age 55 and older) golfers. Tournaments are held year round at the Pecan Hollow Golf Course in Plano, TX.  All tournaments are shotgun starts with varied times, depending on the season of the year. Monday tournaments use the Silver Tees, (approx. 6000 yards) and Thursday tournaments use the Gold Tees, (approx. 5200 yards). Members may play in either or both tournaments.

Most tournaments are individual and flighted by handicap, with an occasional best ball, shamble, and scramble. There is also a match play event each Spring.

Participants pay an entry fee and prizes are awarded after each tournament. Optional games include Closest to Pin on Par 3’s and Hole in One. Please refer to New Member Guidelines on this home page for more information.
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