2022 Handicaps

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  • HANDICAP SYSTEM: Pecan Hollow maintains PSMGA member handicaps using their software..

  • HANDICAP PROCEDURE: Gross score is entered after each tournament, Only results of individual stroke play tournaments are used.  The handicap index is recalculated, and the player's course handicap is updated. Click here to see the USGA Handicap Manual for details on how handicaps are established and maintained or ask the VP Operations.

  • WEBSITE: Pecan Hollow sends the updated handicap file to PSMGA for posting.

  • MEMBER NUMBER: Handicap records for PSMGA consist of a member number, name, index, handicap and up to 20 most recent scores. The member number is unique, comprised of your last name initial followed by the letter "G" and a 2, 3, or 4 digit number, e.g. Parker, PG02. Please use your member number when signing up for a tournament and the member number of a playing partner, if you so arrange.

  • OFFICIAL SCORECARD: Your name, member number, and current course handicap is printed on the official scorecard in your cart prior to each tournament.

  • OUTSIDE HANDICAPS: No outside handicaps are permitted. New members must play 3 rounds in a separate Callaway flight to establish an initial handicap index for Pecan Hollow..

  • CLOSEST-TO-PIN (CTP): Participants must know their handicap, sign up in the appropriate group (0-17 and Callaway or 18+), and sign the correct marker. CTPs recorded on the wrong marker will be disqualified.