2023 Handicaps

  • Find your index: Click HERE to go to the current report to look up your index (iCap)

  • Find your course handicap: Click HERE to go to the look up tables and locate your course handicap to either the gold tees or the silver tees.

  • HANDICAP SYSTEM: Pecan Hollow adopted the World Handicap Sytem (WHS), effective November 21, 2022. The Pecan Hollow staff maintains PSMGA member handicap files using their software.

    NOTE: Your prior handicap index and course handicap cannot be compared to your new WHS index, called iCap. The WHS uses new course ratings and slope ratings established by the USGA in late October 2022. All members had a 1 or 2 stroke reduction in their gold tee course handicap because the new ratings show the gold tee is easier than the previous ratings used by the old handicap system.

  • HANDICAP PROCEDURE: Each players gross score is entered after a tournament,The WHS handicap index is then recalculated. At the next tournament, the slope and course rating for the tees being played, (gold or silver) is entered and the player's course handicap for the tournament is updated and is printed on the official scorecard.

  • WEBSITE: Pecan Hollow sends the updated handicap file to PSMGA for posting.

  • OFFICIAL SCORECARD: Your name, member number, and current course handicap is printed on the official scorecard in your cart prior to each tournament. Each player MUST sign their scorecard indicating agreement with the recorded hole by hole scores, the gross and net scores.

  • OUTSIDE HANDICAPS: No outside handicaps are permitted. New members must play 3 rounds in a separate Callaway flight to establish an initial handicap index for Pecan Hollow..

  • CLOSEST-TO-PIN (CTP): Participants must know their handicap, sign up in the appropriate group, and sign the correct marker. Volunteers at the games table will have a the current course handicaps for all members. CTPs recorded on the wrong marker will be disqualified.