PSMGA Optional Side Games (Closest to Pin & Hole-in-One)

Updated 10/10/2020 to rescind CTP cash payouts, due to COVID-19 restrictions

The following optional side games will apply to all PSMGA tournaments.  These rules have been reviewed and approved by the Executive Board and may be amended as necessary by the Board. 

All participants must be a  PSMGA member with the current year dues paid.

Closest-to-Pin (CTP) on 4 unmodified Par 3's (ball must remain on the green)

1. ENTRY FEE:  $4.00,  $1.00 for each Par 3. Sign up in the Pecan Hollow Grille. 
2. WINNERS: Payouts wil be credited to members' accounts like tournament winnings.
3. TWO FLIGHTS:  FLIGHT #1: 0-17 handicaps and Callaway. FLIGHT #2: 18+ handicaps. 
4. CANCELLATION: If a tournament, once started, is cancelled at any time due to inclement weather, etc.,  there will be no CTP payouts. 
5. REFUND POLICY: CTP entry fees will be refunded for 30 minutes only, immediately after the tournament is cancelled. Any non-refunded fees will serve as the beginning entry list for the next scheduled tournament and no further refunds will be made. 

NOTICE: It is the member’s responsibility to enter the correct flight. Failure to do so will result in non-payment. Entering the member’s name on the wrong proximity marker, will nullify the member from that hole. The playing partners must assist to ensure the proper names are entered onto the proximity markers. If a proximity marker is moved for putting, etc; mark that spot and then ensure to return the marker to the original spot.  

Hole-In-One (HIO)

1. Entry fee is $1.00 and sign-up is in the Pecan Hollow Grille.
2. HIOs may be made on any original hole on the course.  Par 4's shortened to a par 3 or temporary greens on any hole, due to flooding, maintenance, etc will not be counted as an HIO.
3. Every HIO must be witnessed in order to receive the payout.
4. An HIO
 is valid once made.  If a tournament is subsequently canceled at any time (including inclement weather, etc.) it is still a Hole in One.
. The payout amount for one HIO will be 50% of the fund on that day, not to exceed $1500.
6. The payout amount for multiple HIO’s, on the same day, will be 50% of the amount in the fund on the day of the tournament, and will be equally shared, not to exceed $1500 per person.

7. The HIO payout will be awarded by check at the next tournament.
8. If a tournament, once started, is cancelled due to inclement weather, etc., the HIO entry fee is not refunded and retained in the HIO fund.