Tournament Cutoff to sign up
Signup Monday, Feb 24 --  9:00 A.M. --  Individual 1:00 P.M. - Sun, Feb 23
Signup  Thursday, Feb 20 -- 9:00 A.M. -- Individual  1:00 P.M. - Wed, Feb 19

2020 to date has been disappointing, BUT NOW IT'S UGLY, for Thursday (Gold Tee):

Silver Tee  --     Scheduled: 7 --    Played: 6     (Feb 10 was 1st cancellation)
 Gold Tee  -- Scheduled: 8  --   Played: 2     (cancelled 5 in a row!)          
Condolences to those who knew and played golf with John Doyle, PSMGA member for 12 years.  John passed away Tuesday, Feb 11.

Founded in 1988, PSMGA has grown into one of the largest golf associations in the DFW Metroplex, with over 380 members..
The association played a tournament every Monday whenever possible through 2008. That year, Pecan Hollow agreed to permit a second tournament on Thursdays.  That tournament was added and used the Gold Tees, to accommodate older members unable to compete from the Silver Tees used on Monday.
After the Pecan Hollow golf course renovation, competed in 2011, PSMGA continued to grow and today, participation on both tournament days is approximately equal. 
We've added a new HISTORY link to the footer of the website pages. The history is currently being developed and will provide much more detail about the founding and growth of PSMGA.

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