The following Inclement Weather Policy will be followed by PSMGA for all tournaments. If play is suspended with the possibility for resumption of play, USGA Rule 5.7 applies.

DISCONTINUANCE OF PLAY:  Play may be suspended or later canceled for reasons stated in Rule 5.7. Reasons for discontinuance are:

  1. The Tournament Director has suspended play.

  2. There is heavy rain, danger of lightning or hail.

  3. The course is unplayable.

Upon discontinuance, the player will mark and then lift his ball, if not between holes.

RESUMPTION OR CANCELLATION OF PLAY: It will be the Tournament Director’s decision, after consultation with other PSMGA Officers and Pecan Hollow management, if tournament play is resumed or is subsequently canceled for the day. If play is canceled, the following procedures will apply:

  1. 1.     If more than 50% of the field has completed less than 9 holes:
    A) the tournament is incomplete,
    B) no scores will be calculated and prize fund will be “credited” at the Pro Shop (for a period of 2 weeks) (after two weeks that “credit” will be added to the player’s winnings),
    C) a rain check will be issued

  2. 1.    If more than 50% of the field has completed 9 holes or more:
    A) the tournament is completed,
    B) tournament will be scored based on 50% of player’s handicap and prize money awarded,
    C) no rain checks, will be issued

  3. 1.     If more than 50% of the field has completed 15 holes or more, scores will be based on 100% of the player’s handicap.

Player scores for weather shortened tournaments will not be used to update the Handicap System.